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What does it mean God sent not His Son to condemn the world


The Lord said if we did not do to the least of His brethren we do not do to Him
Maybe we are called only to love and God is to convict. Maybe God is not holding our trespasses against us to punish us but will give all the chances one needs to accept Him and return to Him and be alive. Therefore we should not judge any ones life but our job is to serve them and try to win them to God by our love and not put a stumbling block. But I donít know if it is true but of course I think we should not judge any one in particular and
we should probably put aside all judgement if we have not attended to people. I say this only because of worry to cause people to despair. I do worry some may feel we are not caring to tell them the truth and I worry if any of it is a lie but I donít know just some musings from what I see online about Matthew 25 and thinking on the parable itself. But sharing this may make people think they have the right to give up on God because people keep doing so
But Jesus said woe to the world because of offenses but that they must still come but woe through whom they come
We must not assume others need to repent and we do not and we are more righteous

It is important not to judge but we must also not teach that God does not come as a thief to those who are not watchful but we should not spend our time turning people off even with the truth. He did not come to condemn but He has never said we should not watch. By He did not come to condemn it means He is patient not coming to blow out a smoking flax or bruise reed which is those sinners who may repent who deserve patience because they have not been fully reached. But willful sinners should be afraid

Jesus says watch and pray the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak


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