Author Topic: Jesus leaves the 99 to seek the one lost  (Read 17 times)


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Jesus leaves the 99 to seek the one lost
« on: July 26, 2018, 05:43:56 am »
Jesus loves the repentant sinner as much as the one without sin so He even leaves the 99 because He doesn’t care about sin as much as repentance. That is a parable not literal. He does worry people turn to sin because they may not turn back and their conscience could be burdened from their sin. But Jesus is rest for the weary. But they must seek Him diligently to find Him
If I do not love people equally I shall go to hell. You can only have a change in heart on earth. I hope for some wisdom so atleast I have some mercy less suffering in hell if I go there. I hope I can not stumble any more and that I can help others go to heaven or at least not prevent as the Pharisees did or more people.  A man speaks as out of the abundance of his heart. My heart was wicked which is why you can not expect to get fruit from a thistle tree which I may be. Many people may want to show off they have a good heart by trying to speak good words but they will stumble from their pride
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