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Continued..Returning home from heresy according to what the church may think is heresy


I decided to choose my convictions over any one influence even my father.
I am convicted by the church fathers who also taught communion in the Eucharist as well as prayer but not just prayer. Maybe God came to accept others who did not have communion if the church lost its ability to witness but I can not prove that or yet. So I think it is not safe to teach it unless Protestants all be able to prove it. Maybe some can and others canít. Those who canít may not be excused not to join the church if they know about the church fathers and can not prove it. But they still may be saved if it is true but they donít know but they may not be. God may also accept them but we do not know. They may need to convert

When I was young just after high school I found comfort in someone from a website teaching me about Jesus love and his beliefs on the gospel. I guess I was drawn because I was neglectful as a youth to know Jesus. Maybe I did wrong to distrust the church and the churches care for me which I do believe the church cared for me but I was hostile to their correction at other times or they may have slipped some times and I was unforgiving though they still cared for me. That does not mean the church does not care for me but church men can make mistakes and some may not care. But the message was still helpful because it allowed me to know the truth I missed to know in the church to have a relationship in the church

Maybe those like my father who never heard about the church fathers maybe God will convert them some other way

Anyway I believe it may be Godís job to convert others and open their hearts like He did to Lydia
And as it was said the Lord daily added to the church those who were being saved

St Augustine said the truth is like a lion you donít have to defend it. But I suppose it must still be spoken and you are not following the truth of loving your neighbor if you donít love those who are not willing to accept it now without your deeds

I feel bad that I was slow to come back like st Moses the black and Mary the Egyptian but I want to come back as I miss confession and to really live repentant. Jesus raised the bar of the law and taught fornication is also to lust after a woman in your heart

We donít know maybe God will forgive some people who died out of the church and some others alive now and gave them the Holy Spirit but now is calling many to join the church to have the Holy Spirit now or maybe all are called now to join the church

Jesus said the way to life is narrow and few find it. One should maybe join the church if he can not prove it wrong but it may be others are accepted and we may have to keep looking for the gate of truth which few find. But it may be in the church or rather the church which hold the Lords teachings who said He would never change them even though heaven and earth pass away

Here is a verse of the day I subscribe to not from church

Ephesians 1:17 (NKJV)
that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him,

Would the Lord really offend people unjustly. He did after all perform miracles before He said difficult truths.
We should maybe be quiet also until the Lord can also verify our truth through our fruits.

St John the Baptist said to the Pharisees do not think we have Abraham as our father. Therefore we must bear fruit worthy of repentance. Even if we have true faith in Jesus. John says God is able to raise up children to Him even if that means supposedly to join the church

Godís sheep know Him and He knows them for those who have true relation with Him which may be few in every church which it is up to God to give and up to them to truly diligently seek.  I mean they may have relation out of the church or they may not and not required to prove but they should still because it would be based on the truth
God will have relation with none outside the truth but the truth may be the gospel also saves those outside the church. Still they should join the church if they are not sure of their beliefs but also not judge those outside the church which they do not know but continue to seek the truth of the gospel. I mean if one has true relation he will not doubt his relation with God but he may or may not be able to prove his beliefs are corrects but I donít know if this concept of relation truly exists and if one doubts his beliefs he should still join the church but seek true relation with God


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